10 Things Zac Efron Does To Stay In Shape

“Zac made it clear that his very muscular appearance has to do with understanding his body”

10 Things Zac Efron Does To Stay In Shape

Remember Zac Efron in Baywatch – of course how could someone forget – shredded the max! So imagine if we told you we have all of his secrets…. This week we’re listing 10 things Zac Efron did to stay in shape when filming for Baywatch. 

1. Wholefoods Only

Efron’s trainer admitted to Men’s Health that everything Zac ate prior to filming for Baywatch was absolutely organic and all processed foods were avoided. “All the greens, all the veggies, all the lean protein and the majority of foods he ate were alive and could spoil fairly quickly, because if it spoils quickly, it’s going to be a healthier product than something with fillers and preservatives.”

2. Workouts Are Always Different 

Zac’s trainer said “We constantly changed the weight of resistance and rest periods, altering cardio sessions and completing several two-a-day workouts.” He would also mention that Zac changed workout exercises and goals each session making him a well rounded beast, and who doesn’t want to look like an absolute beast?!

3. Agility Work 

Zac’s workouts include lots of agility work, without using any source of weights. Zac recently mentioned on his YouTube Channel that “The name of the game is feeling good, that’s exactly what agility work does, improving one’s stability as well, which in the long run, can also lead to strength gains.”

4. Trains With Celebs On Youtube 

Zac takes on plenty of different workouts on his YouTube channel, which always feature well known celebs and athletes on the regular. He has a very strong following of 1.2 million subscribers.

5. Stretches Are Important 

During his interview with Entertainment Tonight, Zac made it clear that his very muscular appearance has to do with understanding his body. The biggest part of Zac’s routine is stretching. According to the celeb, he spends more time stretching than actually working out.

6. Very Low Carb Training 

Zac made it clear that his Baywatch physique wasn’t one that fans should envy for themselves, especially because it came with some extreme eating habits. Zac said that he completely cut out carbs for weeks, which made the workouts that much more harder due to his energy being very low. 

7. Push, Pull And Leg Split 

Zac splits his days into push, pull and legs. On push day he will focus on shoulders, chest and triceps while the pull day consists of back and biceps, he then finishes off with legs. 

8. Two Sessions A Day 

“Morning sessions lasted an hour. In the afternoon, I either returned for another session, or did lifeguard training with the rest of the cast for 2 to 3 more hours.”

9. Lots of Cardio 

When it comes to cardio Zac’s option of choice is the bike and he likes to go far, hitting as much as 30 miles. Of course, he switches things up on the regular when it comes to cardio,  switching  between the treadmill and the stair mill. 

10. Mind And Muscle Connection 

Not only according to Zac’s trainer, but also according to lots of top tier trainers in general, this is absolutely key. When he moves a weight or completes an exercise, he must be conscious of which body part he’s aiming to build on the exercise. Simply going through the motion isn’t enough, a trainee must  make mind and muscle connection.

Got any fitness tips for us yourself? Be sure to drop them in the comments below.

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