Celebrity TikToks You Should Definitely Be Following

So we know that TikTok is pretty huge, so if you haven’t got it you better go get that boo! This is just a little taste of the best celeb content but there is plenty more out there waiting to be discovered.

Celebrity TikToks You Should Definitely Be Following


Let’s just say TikTok is keeping us all sane during lockdown, right? It’s become one of the biggest social media platforms in the past year and even bigger over the past few weeks with lots of celebs joining in the fun.

You’ve got your dance TikToks from the cutest couple going (Justin and Hailey Bieber!) down to the most banter clips from Lewis Capaldi.

To celebrate the entertainment these celebs have given us all, we’re giving you the most important celebrity TikTok accounts you should definitely be following.

Jason Derulo

Don’t tell us you’ve forgotten about this dancing king, let’s be honest how could you forget that body! Jason has a huge following of 12.6 million users and he definitely brings us our dance content fix. Creating his own TikTok routines, thousands of TikTokers are coming through and recreating these smooth moves themselves. Jason has even collab’d with hugely followed TikTokers such as Addison Rae and the Lopez Brothers.

Will Smith

Who better to follow than the King of all Kings?! With his 20 million followers, Will Smith shows us that he’s got this TikTok business down to a fine art. Just a quick question for you Will, how are your videos so damn perfect?

Doja Cat

BODY BODY BODY, damn she fine! Doja is one of TikTok’s newest members and has been a huge influence already with many of her catchy songs being used in millions of other TikTok users videos. She made her first appearance to Tik Tok dancing to the choreo created to one of her hugest songs ‘Say So’ and she definitely did not disappoint.

Kylie Jenner
@kylie Jenner

Even this gorgeous self made billionaire made time to get to the top trend of 2020. Kylie uses her TikTok to promote her many different brands and it definitely makes us want to buy it all! But it’s not all business with Kylie as she blesses us with the most adorable videos of her daughter Stomi. This account is definitely bringing a whole new meaning to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
Need some more inspiration? Here are few more celebrity TikToks you should follow – get stuck right in people!

Ariana Grande – @arianagrande

Ashley Tisdale – @ashleytisdale

Bretman Rock – @bretmanrock

Camilla Cabello – @camillacabello

David Dobrik – @daviddobrik

James Charles – @jamescharles

Jonas Brothers – @jonasbrothers

Justin Bieber – @Justinbieber

Lizzo – @lizzobetikin

Megan Thee Stallion – @thestallion

Vanessa Hudgens – @vanessahudgens

So we know that TikTok is pretty huge, so if you haven’t got it you better go get that boo! This is just a little taste of the best celeb content but there is plenty more out there waiting to be discovered. Have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments.

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