How To make Tiktok’s For You Page

“be seen by brands who eventually want to partner with you”

How To make Tiktok’s For You Page

Now of course every  TikTok users goal is to become viral and the first step is For You Page. For every Charli D’Amelio wannabe, TikTok’s For You Page is your best shot at achieving viral fame. But how exactly do you land a spot on there? Are you releasing video after video, wondering how and why the Sway House hasn’t scouted you yet? Well, worry no more because this week we’ve put together a guide to help you with your TikTok success.

What Is TikTok’s For You Page?
Sometimes known as simply “FYP”, the For You Page is the first page you’ll see when you open up the app. It’s the place where content goes viral, and millions of others are exposed to your forever rehearsed dance routines or your bedroom fashion runways. It’s the equivalent of Instagram’s Explore page, if you like. Most big users on the platform such as Addison Rae and Chase Hudson, have all appeared on the FYP a number of times before they got their big break. Having increased exposure also means you’ll gain followers quicker, and may even be seen by brands who eventually want to partner with you.

1. Quality Over Quantity!
This may seem like it’s a given, but do not upload videos that are low-quality and aren’t so easy to watch. A lot of people who end up on the For You Page may only have a small number of videos on their account, so spamming people with content will not improve your chances. If you’re uploading clear clips for your followers they’re more likely to watch through to the end. 
2. Keep Your Videos Short
The algorithm relies on people watching your videos through until the end so what better way to ensure that, than to make them as short as possible? Now when we say short we don’t mean 3 seconds but try to steer clear of rabbling on otherwise it’s skip and onto the next video.
3. Add Sound Or Music
TikTok started as lip syncing app so there’s no shortage of challenges and voice overs you can join in with. Naturally, we’re now all hooked on dance challenges, I mean who doesn’t love a good ‘WAP’ dance video. Videos with background music are reportedly preferred by the algorithm so adding a trending song from the platform’s vast library may just increase your chances.
4. You’re Never Too Cool To Engage
From Loren Gray to Dixie D’Amelio, even our favourites with millions of fans know that you’re never too big to engage with your followers. Whether it’s replying to and liking comments or even following them, these subtle additions help build a community, boost your engagement and eventually land you on the For You Page.
5. Hashtag It!
#ForYouPage and #FYP are both popular hashtags that you will have seen all over TikTok, and they do improve your chances of getting onto the page. If you’re taking part in a challenge or your video has a specific theme, add a hashtag in the caption. Hashtags will expose you to a lot more people.
6. Keep Up With The Trends
With videos such as Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic ‘Savage’ dance there’s no shortage of challenges on TikTok. Whether it’s singing, dancing or comedy that takes your fancy, there’s inspiration out there for us all. Keep up to date with your For You Page, is something coming up a lot? Then try it! Others who want to take part in the challenge or learn a routine may even turn to your video for inspiration, boosting your views. Also never be afraid to do a ‘like for part 2’ if you really wanted to slyly get those views up, but on the flip side it can annoy followers if used too many times.

 Know any useful tips yourself?, tell us about them in the comments!

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