Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

“Adding a time, date, location, or emojis can enhance the first Reel you upload. “

Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

Instagram has recently blessed us with Reels, giving us the opportunity to create the best content on our Profiles. So it’s safe to say it’s pretty much a must know on how to use them, this week we are taking you through all the tips and tricks to help you become an Instagram Reels master!

What Are Instagram Reels?
Instagram Reels is a new feature that Instagram has launched that will allow users to create short 15 second videos of themselves straight from the app (almost like a TikTok). The new feature has also brought about cosmetic changes to the app. There is now a new Reels tab added to your instagram home page and profile page. 

Add Music 
Music plays a huge part when it comes down to making an attention-grabbing Reel. Instagram has plenty of music clips to choose from. Just tap on the Music icon and browse from hundreds of music sounds to add that extra bit of fun. You can precisely select what part of the music you would like to use in your video with the choice of adding the music lyrics as well.
Adjust Recording Speed
Reels allow you to play around with the recording speed. From the Reels screen, tap on the play button and slow down the video by 5x or speed up the Reel by 3x. Who knew you could do the WAP so fast?!
Play With Effects
Choose from Silly Face, Party Lights, Green Screen, and dozens more effects for a perfect Instagram Reel. Just tap on the effects icon in the Reels menu and scroll through the hundreds of choices – editing videos has never been so easy.
Set Time For Videos
Instagram Reels allows us to create up to 15 seconds of video, meaning you can create a 5 second or 10 second video too. Tap on the timer icon and adjust the timer to the desired time length. Want that perfect video without all the editing? Instagram Reels allows you to add a three second timer at the start of your videos, allowing you to get into your position without being seen!
Align Your Videos
This is a handy feature added by Instagram. If the video you’ve created ends up being shaky or blurry, you can use the Align option to straighten things out. You will see the fifth option in the Reels bar after taking the video – tap on it and make your adjustments.
Stickers And Text
Instagram allows you to add various stickers, emojis, and text before sharing the Reels to the world. Adding a time, date, location, or emojis can enhance the first Reel you upload.
Changing Your Reel Cover
Before sharing the Reels, you can tap on the Cover option in the Share menu and select the perfect cover photos to represent your Reels.
Multiple Sharing Options
Instagram offers various options to share Reels. You can either share it as Story which means your Reel will be deleted after 24 hours, share to feed, or simply keep it in your account and access it from the Explore menu. Reels can also be saved as drafts so there’s also time to come back to them.
Zooming In And Out
When recording live Reels, you can swipe up on your screen to zoom in and swipe down to zoom out the video. It can be useful when you are creating a Reel from a live concert or sports event – ah the good ol’ days!
Use Audio From Other Reels
Just like TikTok, if you find a song or audio clip you like, you can tap the music and select Use Audio.
Protect Your Reels
You should keep in mind that when you share your Instagram Reels, anyone can view and share them. Your reels may appear on Explore and places like effect, hashtag, and even audio pages.
Anyone can extract the audio from your Reels and use it in their Reels. However, you can set your account Private to stop this. Head to Profile, tap on the three lines in the top right corner, then to Settings, Privacy, Account Privacy and finally Private.

So there you have at, all the tips and tricks you could possibly need. Found any of your own? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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