Make Up Tips For The Summer Heat

“It’s almost like your umbrella on a rainy day.”

Make Up Tips For The Summer Heat

We’re reaching that time of the year when the sun is gracing us with it’s beautiful self but there’s just one problem, how do we get this face all beat without it melting off. There’s always the option to not wear any but events happen or maybe you just fancy looking like a 10/10. We’ve got the ultimate tips for you guys to be able to wear your makeup in this heat, outfit ready, hair ready, skin ready, now you’ll be face ready.

A little bit of primer never hurt anyone – Lot’s of make up articles, make up artists and other people always suggest primers, primers act as a face grip for any makeup coverage, it’s basically the glue to your masterpiece. The use of primer helps your makeup last that little bit longer making you still look fresh after a long day of wearing makeup. When it comes down to applying primer in the heat try to use it sparingly, applying it to your t zone area, side of the nose and your cheeks.

When it comes down to choosing the right primer avoid silicon based as it tends to make the face a little too oily, using a hydration based lotion tends to be the perfect option.

Liquid over cream – Liquid products work best when it comes to humid weather. If you’re going for a full coverage look try a liquid, matte foundation, dabbing on in light layers and a little extra in areas where you need more coverage such as any blemishes and the t zone area.

Powders and gels tend to work better in warmer climates, BB creams have a high potential for melting the more creamier the formula.

Sticky concealer is your new best friend – concealer is mainly used for any blemishes or dark spots, so if you’re going for that airbrushed look concealer is very important. Instead of using a concealer with a creamy consistence try a sticky one as it keeps everything in tact and helps it last longer.

It’s always a good idea to travel with a small lip brush and your concealer for touch ups on the go.

Blot the shine, don’t powder – When it comes down to using powder in heat, it’s best to just avoid or use as little as possible as constantly re applying powder creates the ‘cakey’ look.

Eliminating shine doesn’t come easier than blotting your face with blotter paper, they absorb all the extra oil in your skin which gets rid of that shine without disturbing your makeup.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner will always be possible – Doubling up on your eyeshadow and eyeliner is now the motto you shall always need in this hot weather. Before applying your eyeshadow a great eyeshadow primer is the best thing to use, applying it as a base for your eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow will last so much longer and it even helps the colour to intensify.

Gel eyeliner blended with eyeshadow on top also helps keep them flicks safe.

Matte or sheer equals luscious lips – You don’t want to make your face look any shinier than it already is so staying away from vibrant glossy lip colours is the trick.

Try using natural looking lip colours or maybe even a little lip liner and lip balm, moisturised with a bit of colour.

Mist up that face – Any fancy floral mist helps to keep the skin looking fresher and hydrated, they also help fill in any gaps that look too oily or patchy. Make up setting spray is designed to be effective for anything involving sweating, so hot weather is perfect.

Using a mist is the final important step to your summer make up, it’s almost like your umbrella on a rainy day.

Have you got any of your own makeup tips for us? Let us know in the comments.

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