Summer Skin Hacks

“try it take our advice and stick to the blotting papers”

Summer Skin Hacks

The heat is on it’s way which can only mean one thing, plenty of sweat. As amazing and refreshing as Summer is, the harsh sun and high temperatures can wreck your skin. protecting your skin whilst having that summer glow is a must this year so what better way to get you prepared then with some skin hacks! Have a read, give them a go and let us know how you amazing Summer skin looks.

Clean Your Brushes
It is extremely important to keep your makeup brushes clean, not just during the summer, but all year round. Using the same foundation and powder brushes throughout the day can cause an alarming rate of bacteria being added to your skin. The combination of dirt and bacteria from unwashed make up brushes can cause acne, skin irritations and clogged pores. So make sure you add this one to your try out list to avoid any unwanted skin reactions.
Oil Control Primer
Even if you suffer from dry skin the heat and humidity has a way of making the skin look that extra bit shiny. For anyone who finds that they tend to have oily skin more often, to keep the shine at bay try using an oil control primer before you apply your makeup. This will help to minimise your pores, which should then create a smoother makeup look and help it stay in place throughout the day. Oil control primer will also eliminate excess oil and help your makeup last in the summer heat.
Blot, Blot, Blot
This Summer is a the right time to start using blotting papers if you do not already. Blotting papers are little pieces of paper which help absorb any oil breakout on your face without disturbing your makeup. We’re sure the toilet paper idea has already come into your head so before you try it take our advice and stick to the blotting papers 😉
Reapply Sun Cream
Most of us apply sun cream or a moisturiser with an SPF in the morning, but we tend to not continue to throughout the day. Sun creams do not last all day long so a regular top up is required. It is recommended by Nivea to reapply sunscreen every two hours. If you are wearing make up on your face don’t shy away from using a spray on sun cream. Sun cream won’t make your skin look instantly fresh, but it will help in the long run so be patient with this one.
Get Misty
Face mists are a great way to help keep your skin hydrated during the day. Depending on your skin type, face mists have a number of benefits from locking in moisture to controlling the balance of oil to refreshing your makeup, there is a many types of face mists so they’ll something everyone. Face Mist Tip: Rose water and aloe soothes and help with acne.

 Have any skin tips you’d like to share?, Tell us about them in the comments!

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