TikTok Songs Of 2021

“TikTok users are using Yung Baby Tate’s “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich…” lyrics to manifest positive vibes in 2021″

TikTok Songs Of 2021

It’s about time we all got TikTok famous right? Well we are here to help you create the best content in this weeks blog as we give you all the trending songs on TikTok in 2021. Including Erica Banks’ Buss It and Yung Baby Tate’s ‘I Am’. TikTok had it’s extremely popular moments in 2020 and it’s definitely becoming more popular in 2021. Dance challenges, viral songs, memes and everything in between are back for another year of creative videos. Famous TikTokers here we come!

VANO 3000 x BADBADNOTGOOD – ‘Time Moves Slow’
By now you’ve probably all seen the Adult Swim trend on TikTok. The song that’s used in those videos is a self-produced beat by user @supvano that samples BADBADNOTGOOD’s ‘Time Moves Slow’.

Olivia Rodrigo – ‘Happier’
Is your FYP overwhelmed with people cutting and slicing up cucumbers with a big knife while Olivia’s melancholic bop plays in the background? The trend is directed at people’s exes who moved on to a new relationship and well, you can kinda of guess get the rest…

The Backyardigans – ‘Into The Thick Of It’
If you’ve stepped foot on TikTok in the past few weeks, you’ll know all about this banger. Users have been remixing, dancing and singing along to the track.

The Backyardigans – ‘International Super Spy’
For this Backyardigans number, TikTok users have been applying the lyrics to situations in their own lives and revealing secrets about themselves when the “super spyyyyy” lyrics kick in.

The Backyardigans – ‘Castaways’
Thanks to TikTok, this bop hit number 1 on the US Spotify Viral Chart in mid-May. Their impact!

Lil Simz – Venom
This track goes hand in hand with those ‘Women/Venom’ tattoos you’ve been seeing a lot of recently. Others are also using it as a transition song.

Lady Gaga – ‘Love Game (Remix)’
The second you hear this one on the FYP, you already know what the video is gonna be. TikTokers are using the remix alongside the ‘Versailles Run’ filter. The remix is by DrewStevens on YouTube.

Olivia Rodrigo – ‘good 4 u’
From recreating the music video, to screaming the lyrics out loud, Olivia Rodrigo’s break-up anthem is just as popular on TikTok as her debut hit ‘Drivers Licence’

Tion Wayne x Russ Millions – Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni
You already the lyrics to this one. The ‘Adeola wanna roll with a geezer’ track is everywhere on TikTok right now, especially in transition edits.

Mike Posner – ‘Please Don’t Go’
This summer-vibes track is being used by TikTokers who start out driving normally in their cars, and then switch to headscarves and sunglasses on the beat of the chorus.

Iamdoechii – ‘Yucky Bucky Fruitcake’
The “Hi, my name is Doechii with two I’s, I feel anxious when I’m high” sound sees TikTokers users introduce themselves, and it’s already been used in almost 1 million videos.

Twista ft. Faith Evans – ‘Hope’
Inspired by the end of movies that give the audience updates on what happened to the characters years later, TikTokers are using the song as a backdrop to celebrate or joke about their incredible lack of achievements.

Olivia Rodrigo – ‘Deja Vu’
Remember the inverted filter on TikTok? Olivia’s sophomore single serves as the soundtrack to the camera flip challenge, where TikTokers invert the camera to show how symmetrical or asymmetrical their faces are.

Kesha – ‘Praying’
Kesha’s high note has become a popular sound on TikTok as users reenact some of the most shocking or wild things they’ve seen, using the note as a scream reaction.

Chloe George – ‘Ghost Town (Voice Memo)’
You’ve probably heard the “And nothing hurts anymore I feel kinda free” song on loads of wholesome or emotional videos.

Caterina Valente – ‘Bongo (Cha cha cha)’
You might already know this song from Spider-Man: Far From Home but the catchy track is popular in ‘reveal’ videos.

Lardi B – ‘WAP (Wings and Pizza’)
The parody of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ is actually by Lardi B, but it’s been used for the ‘Kidz Bop WAP challenge’ where users are trying not to laugh at the Wings and Pizza lyrics using the ‘Smile Rating’. If you go over 50, you lose!

Salt ’N’ Pepa ft. En Vogue – ‘Whatta Man’
Need a song to go perfectly with your thirst/simp post about a male celebrity? Well look no further because Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s classic is now going viral on the app. Throwback photos of Mark Ruffalo? Whatta man! Chris Evans walking down a hallway? Whatta man!

Gia Giudice – ‘Waking Up in the Morning’
TikTokers are using a clip from The Real Housewives of New Jersey to share their most cringeworthy or traumatic childhood moments.

Kid Cudi – ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’
Kid Cudi’s 2008 track made a comeback on TikTok thanks to a trend that sees people write out a statement in black and white text, and then turn off the lights to reveal what they really mean.

‘Agatha All Along’ from WandaVision
Pretty self explanatory… Agatha Harkness’ bop to end all bops went viral on Marvel TikTok, with memes popping up all over the app.

Yung Gravy – ‘oops!’
The “You talking about Tracy? Tracy with the ass?” song has become popular with reveal and ‘wait for it’ videos.

Juice WRLD & benny blanco – ‘Real Shit’
The “real shit, real shit, never tell a lie” lyrics features over the ‘2 Truths & A Lie’ trend that’s been done by Addison Rae and Bella Poarch.

Yung Baby Tate – ‘I Am’ (ft. Flo Milli)
TikTok users are using Yung Baby Tate’s “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich…” lyrics to manifest positive vibes in 2021.

BeatKing – ‘Then Leave’
Back in 2020, there was a dance routine to this one. But now there’s a new Numbers Challenge where users have to repeat the sequence on the screen with their fingers to the beat of the song.

Timex Social Club – ‘Rumours’
This ’80s bop from Timex Social Club has been turned into a meme that basically exposes every day lies, thanks to its “stop spreading those rumours around” lyrics. Technically, this one started at the end of December 2020 but it’s thriving in January 2021.

Taylor Swift – ‘no body, no crime (ft. HAIM)’
TikTok users are using Taylor’s evermore masterpiece to present their personal conspiracy theories about certain celebrities or fictional characters they think might have “done it”.

Which TikTok sounds been your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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