Top Isolation Tips With The Love Islanders

Stay healthy, happy and hopeful! Don’t forget to let us know your lockdown tips.

Top Isolation Tips With The Love Islanders

Has staying at home been tough? Don’t know what to do with all your free time? Fret not – because we’ve got some experts, straight from Love Island, Luke T and Siannise Fudge have given us their top tips on how to keep yourself busy whilst staying at home.

1. Stay fit: Home workouts. Walks/runs. TikTok dances, breakfast.’ (Yes, breakfast means ‘doing bits’.)

They’ve both been sticking to this one for sure as they’ve now blessed us with 3 TikTok dances. Our favourite has to be the flip the switch challenge where Luke T ends up in Siannise’s 2 piece and trust us when we say it’s time to crop top and skirt these boys up!

2. ‘Give each other space,’ he continued. ‘We’re all gonna get on each other’s nerves at some point, stay patient.’

Arguments with the siblings getting a bit out of hand? Well you should definitely take this tip into consideration, try keeping yourself busy in separate rooms for an hour a day, lock yourself down within a lockdown.

3. Get dressed up: Getting dressed up to stay in is funnier than it looks! Have a dinner date or mini party.

Dress up and quarantine! Do you find yourself always being the one running late because you can’t seem to find that perfect outfit? This tip shall do you wonders. Experiment with different outfits and let out the inner stylist. Once this is all over you’ll be best dressed everywhere you go.


We couldn’t have said it better! Positivity is key so don’t ever lose it because we’re all in this together. We will all thrive at the end of this!

Stay healthy, happy and hopeful! Don’t forget to let us know your lockdown tips.

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