Working Out At Home

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Working Out At Home


Sitting around at home can become rather boring. Keeping fit whilst still exercising may seem rather strange as you’re stuck indoors but lots of people have created different ways to adapt and we’ve decided to share a few with you.

Online Workouts

Working out online is not only easy but can be fun to do at the same time. Lots of videos are being made by different types of people to help you follow your fitness dreams. Free online workouts are available everywhere, Youtube has tons of free videos you can watch. Gyms that have closed down are also offering free advice and fitness regimes via their apps so be sure to check those out too if you have a gym membership already.

Tik Tok workouts

TikTok has become one of the most successful social media platforms of 2020. Our feeds range from make up tutorials to home workouts to help people during their time in quarantine. Collect lots of these videos and create yourself your own fitness program, follow these daily and it’ll be like you never left the gym.

30 day challenges

Ever thought about having a competition with yourself? These 30 day challenges will test your limits to the max. A 30 day challenge is a daily repeat of a set of workouts, each day the intensity of the challenge will be higher as sets become higher or the timing becomes longer which helps test your body and help it grow. These challenges have become very popular as friends and family are challenging each other and sharing their results. Will you accept the 30 day challenge?

Instagram influencers

Influencers from all over the world are offering services and help with fitness to all of their thousands of followers. Whether it’s one to one chats on their live channels or a live stream of their own workouts, people are tuning in and listening. Timed slots of the day are filled out with these videos, so sign yourself up to as many as you want and make a day out of it.

Working out from home has never been easier! Don’t forget if this isn’t for you – try TikTok dances or search Just Dance on Youtube for all of their dances, happy exercising!

Who do you think are the best people to follow for fitness online? Let us know in the comments.

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