Best Things To Do In The UK For Summer

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Best Things To Do In The UK For Summer

As the weather gets a lot hotter and we break up for Summer here in the UK, we need to find things to occupy our time. So here is a list of the 5 best things to do in the Summer:

Turn your back garden into a waterpark

Let’s face it, waterparks, no matter how fun, are quite expensive and honestly quite hard to find in the UK. So why not go get yourself some inflatables and a hose and turn your garden into your very own waterpark!

Explore your local areas

We know it sounds super boring, but Summer is a great time to go and explore your local area. Whether that be a field nearby or a woods or river, summer is a great time to discover the hidden beauty’s around you!

Go to a Fun Fair

Check out online to see if there are any travelling Fun Fairs or Circus near you this summer. This is a fun and different way to spend your weekend and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer day.

Go for a Picnic

Going to eat and drink in a park or field nearby is a cheap way to spend a summer’s day. Picnic’s are great because you can bring whatever you like to them, you can go all out with a BBQ or with some cheese and wine, or just grab yourself a medal deal. Which makes it the perfect thing to do if you want to hang out with friends!

Go to the beach and try out some water activities

When it’s hot everyone goes to the beach, but why not try something different when you next go? Lots of beaches have many water sport rental companies, so why not try kayaking, paddle boarding or maybe even snorkelling? If you don’t live near the beach there are also a lot of lakes and rivers that also rent out water sports there.

 Let us know if you try these out! Comment down below your fav thing to do when it’s hot outside?

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