Summer Tips, Tricks & Hacks

“try it take our advice and stick to the blotting papers”

Summer Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Summer is fast approaching which only means one thing, heat. We all know that the UK heat
can be humid and uncomfortable so here are some tips and tricks to keep you cool and
happy this summer!

Chub rub is a huge issue in the heat especially for plus size people! Not only is it uncomfortable but can be extremely painful so try applying either a moisturiser/oil or baby powder to the area to prevent chafing. With this hack you can wear all your favourite clothes this summer, you’re welcome!
Planning on going to the beach this summer but dreading the sand? Don’t worry we have you covered! Why not try bringing a fitted sheet to the beach to make a sand proof pit, just weigh down each corner with a bag and just sit back and relax!
Another beach hack to tackle the sand is to pack baby powder, when you’re ready to leave the beach put baby powder on any body part covered in sand and it’ll absorb any water, making the sand easy to brush off.
Ever get home from the beach and realise that you’ve bought the beach home with you? Well we’ve got a solution to your sand problem…mesh beach bags! Reduce the amount of sand you end up bringing home by opting for a mesh beach bag, the sand will just fall out of the bag before you get home!
On the subject of eating and drinking outside, when on the beach why not bury your cooler in the sand to keep your drinks and food cold!
When it’s especially hot remember to stay cool and stay hydrated. When you’re out at the office or school water can go warm after a short while. So why not pop your water bottle in the freezer overnight so you can have an ice cold beverage throughout the day?!
Remember to use SPF everyday to keep your skin healthy, not only does SPF help keep your skin looking young but can also help prevent skin cancer. If you do get sunburn use Aloe Vera to soothe the burn, why not freeze some aloe for a soothing, cooling effect.

 Have any tips you swear by? Tell us all about them in the comments!

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