The Top SOAP Events of 2019

“One of our craziest ideas turnt out to be one of our most successful, who knew building a full size dodgems course in a club car park would be the answer?”

The Top SOAP Events of 2019

Uv Paint Parties

We’ve had a few messy events in our time but paint parties really stick in our minds. A good night out always ends up being the messiest and what better way to get messy than to get covered in paint and get turned away by the taxi driver. We hope you all managed to get it out of your clothes, if you didn’t then I guess all we can say is – MEMORIES!

Foam Parties

Need a little treat for Summer? It’s all about FOAM. For some reason covering the room and watching you all drown in foam is the most satisfying thing on a hot night out. Need cooling down? Not a problem we got you. Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing a SOAP foam party of some kind in 2020.

Balls Deep

Have you ever seen more balls in a room than you have a SOAP Ball Pit Party, we think not. 50,000 to be exact and we even let you jump in them. Mixing adult life with your childhood could just be one of the best ideas ever and we will forever continue to fulfill this new addiction.


One of our craziest ideas turnt out to be one of our most successful, who knew building a full size dodgems course in a club car park would be the answer. Neck back a jaeger and pop outside to give your friends a good bashing, count us all in!

Bounce House

Imagine if your entire night was everything inflatable. Forget jumping up and down on the dance floor, we’ve got a bouncy castle for that. Forget racing your friend to the bar for the first round, we’ve got a bungee run to help you prove who the real winner is. Whoever said adult life would be boring is completely wrong.

What have been some of your favourite past SOAP events?

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