Leftover Easter Chocolate Ideas

” Does turning food into even better food make you a genius? “

Leftover Easter Chocolate Ideas

Happy Easter to you all we hope you’ve had a great one so far! Now who’s to say the fun must be over, we’re pretty sure you won’t finish all your eggs anytime soon. We’re getting creative in this weeks blog as we help you find ways to use up all that leftover chocolate. Willy Wonka shall be your new name, now let’s get this chocolate factory started!

Brownies, Cakes and Cookies
Does turning food into even better food make you a genius? :’) find yourself a simple recipe to follow and add your chocolately leftover egg to your mixture and bake away. You don’t just have to stop at brownies, cakes and cookies, find any recipe you would like and add that splash of chocolate. Gordon Ramsey won’t know what’s hit him!
Chocolate Shards
Melt down as many of your milkiest chocolate eggs, add in some fruit and nut, pour on a tray and refridgerate. Once your chocolate has returned to it’s solid form have a little smash at it and create all different types of shapes and sizes. Your chocolate shards will make a perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Or if you fancy using them up yourself, try adding them to any cake as decoration!¬†
Dipping Sauce
Try adding different flavours and textures to your melted down eggs and serve in a nice bowl. Add some fruit kebab sticks to the side, strawberries, marshmallows, whatever you fancy and dip away! Fondue made the quick way ūüėȬ†

Chocolate Egg Bowl
Your eggs are the perfect shape to hold plenty of liquid so why not make a drink that is completely consumable! Make your favourite milkshake, pour into your half broken egg, add some sweet treats, chocolate sauce and maybe a few sprinkles and there you have it, your own Chocolate egg milkshake! Fancy spicing it up a little? Try adding a splash of Baileys to your milkshake, a little never hurt anyone.

Making any of our ideas? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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