Man Cave Must Haves

” You get a keg, you get a keg, you all get kegs! “

Man Cave Must Haves

Building the perfect man cave is a combination of smart design, plenty of entertainment, and the coolest furniture. Whether you are staking out a new man cave or renovating your current shadowy den, you want it to be cool. For this weeks blog we’re talking about man cave must haves, new beer fridges for everyone it looks like :’)

The Entertainment Centre
If you’re in a man cave you want nothing but to be entertained and what better way to be entertained than with electronics. A big screen TV is where most people begin. But if you’re a gamer, your man cave must haves list might start with a huge monitor instead. Add in a great sound system to go with your tv set and for all you classy guys out there, add a sprinkle of vinyl.
Sofa With Cup Holders
Man sized seating is essential for any cave so scrap that idea you had about dainty carved wooden chairs or, worse, flimsy plastic. The best man cave sofas are big enough to hold plenty of the boys. Maybe even treat them to a recliner or some individual footrests.
Smart Home Hub
A man cave should have the perfect chill mood lighting, with the occasional option for full beam brilliance. Fancy being able to control every device from the comfort of your man cave couch? Well we have one solution: a smart home hub. Grab yourself a universal remote that can connect to your smart TV and speakers. Smart controlled lights, media, sound, and anything else you can plug in are all a necessity.  
The Beer Fridge and Bar
One of the great things about a man cave is not having to leave it, which means keeping your beer cool inside the cave. A mini fridge or even a full sized fridge is a great addition. If you have the space, you can even build a bar for partying in style when the boys come over. You get a keg, you get a keg, you all get kegs!

 Have any man cave must have ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

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