Michele Morrone – Everything You Need To Know

“So the first important thing is he’s single, get in. “

Michele Morrone started trending after the release of The Polish Erotic Drama ‘365 Days’ on Netflix and he has become the internets newest obsession. Do we need to explain why? I mean just look at him.

365 Days has become very popular since its release and is based on a novel by Blanka Lipinska. It’s about a Massimo who is the leader of a mafia, who kidnaps a woman and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Michele plays Massimo and trust us when we say they couldn’t have picked a better person. We’ve decided to take a look and help fuel that obsession even more, you’re about to find out everything you need to know about this god of man. Apart from this, he has also appeared in many movies and shows such as Medici, Bar-Joseph, and others.

Michele Morrone is 29-years-old and is divorced. He was married to a popular designer Rouba Saadeh who he currently has two children with. So the first important thing is he’s single, get in.

Being a great actor isn’t his only talent, he sings too and boy it’s just as good as that acting, he takes music very seriously so any singers out there fancy a duet?
Michele hit depression in 2018 after separating with wife which almost caused him to quit acting. He once revealed, “A year and a half ago I was about to leave everything, I didn’t want to act anymore. I was in a severe state of depression after divorcing my wife.”

After the huge success of ‘365 Days’ Michele has gained a huge social media following. From 2 million, he crossed 4 million followers on Instagram in just two days. Who doesn’t want to stare at his instagram page all day, we have truly been blessed.

Here’s a little extra for you:

Apart from a good actor, he is also a professional guitarist.
Michele Morrone has also performed live at many events.
He always loves to wear earrings.
He has a great belief in mermaids.
He likes to swim in his spare time.
Michele is also a good writer and wrote many personal motivating quotes.
He has also appeared in a TV show with a famous television host named “Milly Carlucci”.
He is fond of expensive watches and has his own collection.
Morrone is an animal lover and loves to go horse riding.

So head over to instagram and hit that follow button on Instagram, thank us later

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