National No Dirty Dishes Day: UK’s Favourite Takeaway Choices

“stay away from the milk and white chocolate and turn to the dark side”

National No Dirty Dishes Day: UK’s Favourite Takeaway Choices

Let’s be honest, the best part of the takeaway experience is when you’re done eating a painfully large amount of food, unable to move, feeling both remorseful but also a little bit proud, and then realising there’s no washing up to be done; the chow mein pots can simply be given to the dog to lick clean and then recycled appropriately. This means you can remain seated on the couch, nursing your bloated stomach until you fall asleep and then wake up for the leftovers. For this reason, we are giving a run-down of the UK’s favourite Takeaway Choices, as voted for by the public, in honour of National No Dirty Dishes Day.

Indian or Chinese? It’s the question that gets asked roughly 3 billion times per Friday night in UK households. It’s caused rows, feuds, and even decade-long, silent grudges (I’ve heard) but it seems now it has finally been answered. The people have spoken, the vote is final. The Chinese takeaway reigns supreme with chicken chow mein voted as the number one dish.
I know a lot of you will be feeling like #StopTheSteal right now, but there’s no need. Indian comes in at a close second. In fact, the British love Indian food so much that there’s more Indian restaurants in London than there are in Mumbai. Also, there’s nothing better than seeing your dad with tears streaming down his face while claiming he’s unaffected by his chicken vindaloo. Classic.
Fish & Chips
Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for fancy curries or for waiting almost an hour to pick up your food; this is where the vintage chippy tea saves the day. Efficient, quick, and filling, fish & chips is always a safe bet when it comes to takeaway-choices.
According to studies, the average British household consumes pizza at least once a week. Some people say there’s no such thing as bad sex or
bad pizza, but that’s actually not true. You can have very bad, even shameful pizza. When it’s done right, however, grazie mille mi amore.
Sure, it may not be that many people’s favourite choice, but once in a while we all get that craving for a quality burger with smoky barbecue sauce and tender, flame-grilled beef/ beef substitute (vegan meal orders rose by 388% between 2016 and 2018.) And that’s why it’s no surprise that burgers come in at number five in the UK’s favourite takeaway choices.

So while the decision of which takeaway to choose may be the source of many arguments and grief, and even though you may have a well thought-out opinion backed up with facts and studies on whether chip shops should serve mushy peas or if pineapple belongs on pizza, it’s important to remember that it all comes down to taste and personal preference in the end.


Got any favourite snack alternatives you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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