Top Tips For New Students

“they range from the universities football team to the Disney movie club, so they’ll be something for everyone.”

Top Tips For New Students

The time has finally come for you to take that extra step into your adult life and the presence of fear is starting to arise. University life can be seen as one of the scariest events in your life but we can assure you that you shall hold some of your best memories in this period of your lifetime. Here are some top tips to help you prepare for your new student life.

1. Plan Out A Weekly Budget.

Some people may have never had so much money enter their bank accounts and this can be a very exciting thing. Your student finance is paid to you 3 times within the academic year so it is very important to plan how you are going to spend your money without leaving yourself short. Freshers week is not the time to spend it all, although tempting it’s definitely not the best way to start student life.

2. Join Clubs And Societies

You will meet hundreds of new people at university so it’s best to get stuck in properly. Universities have tons of clubs and societies which will be run by students themselves, they range from the universities football team to the Disney movie club, so they’ll be something for everyone. Nervous about how to make new friends? This would be one of the easiest and fun ways to do it.

3. Personalise Your Room.

Moving to university can be a huge step for most people as this is the point where you truly become independent. Now it’s perfectly normal to feel scared or home sick so how’s about adding parts of home to your new home. Add pictures all around your room of friends and family, be sure to leave some space for all the new memories you’re about to make. Maybe this is the time to grow that little tomato plant you’ve always wanted.

4. Get Support.

Take full advantage of the university support team, they are here to help so do not feel shy on seeking out for help. University can become very challenging so it’s important to take care of your mental and personal health. They are there to talk and guide you in ways you may have not known so do not worry as there will always be someone there for you to talk to.

5. Get Cooking

You are about to become an independent adult so keeping yourself healthy is now down to you. Now there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky takeaway now again but home cooked meals, well nothing can beat it. You now have the resources and freedom to cook what you want so get experimenting. Gordon Ramsey is quaking.

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